Starberry Cream Soda

Drink | 25mg

Experience a cosmic journey with our THC infused strawberry cream flavored soda – Starberry Cream! This out-of-this-world drink is the perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking to explore the universe in a far-out and groovy way.

Starberry Cream is made with natural ingredients, including pure cannabis extract and a variety of fruity flavors. Each can is infused with a carefully measured dose of THC, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience every time.

Our far-out soda is infused with high-quality cannabis that provides a balanced and uplifting high, perfect for those looking to connect with the cosmos and expand their consciousness. The cannabis is expertly crafted to promote relaxation, creativity, and overall wellbeing.

Welcome to the Nanoverse

Many of our products are manufactured using nanoemulsion to bring our consumers a far out of this world experience. Intereseted? Explore the Nanoverse here.

SoGanja is proud to manufacture and distribute in the state of Missouri.

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