Galactic Grape Soda

Drink | 25mg

Embark on an interstellar journey with our THC infused grape flavored soda – Galactic Grape! This cosmic elixir is the perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking to elevate their taste experience to the stars and beyond.

Galactic Grape is crafted with all-natural ingredients, featuring pure cannabis extract and an explosion of grape flavor that’s out of this world. Each can is infused with a precisely measured dose of THC, ensuring an otherworldly and consistent experience with every sip.

Our celestial soda is infused with high-quality cannabis that brings a balanced and uplifting high, perfect for those seeking to connect with the universe and spark their imagination. The cannabis infusion is meticulously designed to encourage relaxation, inspiration, and an overall sense of cosmic harmony.

Welcome to the Nanoverse

Many of our products are manufactured using nanoemulsion to bring our consumers a far out of this world experience. Intereseted? Explore the Nanoverse here.

SoGanja is proud to manufacture and distribute in the state of Missouri.

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